An eye test does more than check how well your eyes are performing. It can also give us indicators of wider health concerns.


Our eye examinations can include the following:

  • A visual performance check
  • Prescription measurement
  • Wellness check
  • Retinal Thickness Analysis (RTA)


Whether you’re young or more mature, eye tests are a crucial part of maintaining your health. They don’t just help us to correct any problems with your vision, which can have a significant impact on your daily life, they can also show early warning signs of life changing conditions like glaucoma or diabetes. Our experienced optometrist performs a thorough examination of your eyes to make sure that every aspect of your eye health is attended to. Please note: Some of these services (eg. RTA) may incur an additional charge.

Regular sight testing is important for everybody, but it is particularly important as we get older; eye examinations can allow us to catch the warning signs of a number of conditions that can be better managed if they are detected early on. Book an appointment to receive your eye examination, and peace of mind, today.

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